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Where is Tsubono-Group?

Our laboratory is in the new Faculty-of-Science-building #1. For those who have visited us before 1998 March:We have moved to the new building by the end of March 1998. We are quitesurethatyou can easily find the new building which stands beside theold one.It hasthe industrial design with "glasses and bricks" kind oflooks.

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Tsubono-Group Activity

Our research subject is experimental relativity,mainly detection of the Gravitational Waves. See here for a list of the world wide gravitational wave detection projects. Also,for the Japanese project TAMA and the detector TAMA300 , you can read some technical documents here.
For those who want to read the brief reports on the activity of Tsubono-group, the following is a part of the Annual Report of the Department of Physics, University of Tokyo.

2004 Japanese English
2003 Japanese English
2002 Japanese English
2001 Japanese English
2000 Japanese English
1999 Japanese
1998 Japanese
1997 Japanese English
1996 Japanese English
1995 Japanese English


Doctoral theses

Year Author Title Language
2006 Youichi Aso Active Vibration Isolation for a Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector using a Suspension Point Interferometer English
2002 Akiteru Takamori Low Frequency Seismic Isolation for Gravitational Wave Detectors English
2002 Kenji Numata Direct measurement of the mirror thermal noise English
2001 Koji Arai Robust extraction of control signals for power-recycled interferometric gravitational-wave detectors English
2000 Kazuhiro Yamamoto Study of the thermal noise caused by inhomogeneously distributed loss. English
1998 Masaki Ando Power recycling for an interferometric gravitational wave detector. English

Master's theses

Year Author Title Language
2006 Takaaki Suzuki Searching unknown pulsar with TAMA300 data Japanese
2005 Koji Ishidoshiro Systematical veto by all monitor signals in a gravitational-wave Japanese
2004 Tsukuasa Masumura Search for continuous gravitational Waves from the SN1987A remnant   using TAMA300 data Japanese
2003 Takeshi Tkakaki Possibility of space laser interferometric gravitational-wave detector Japanese
2003 Hidetsugu Seki Research of mechanical loss of metallic material Japanese
2003 Kenji Soida Research of mechanical loss of metallic material Japanese
2003 Nishi Probing isotropies of space Japanese
2001 Youichi Aso Stabilization of a Fabry-Perot Interferometer using a Suspension Point Interferometer Japanese
1997 Kazuhiro Yamamoto Estimation of the thermal noise of the suspension system and the mirrors for TAMA300. Japanese
1996 Masaki Ando Control of a Fabry-Perot-type laser interferometric gravitational-wave detector. Japanese

Tsubono-Group Seminars

Weekly seminars are usually held on Tuesdays ,10:30AM,at room #512 .
Anybody are welcome to join us.
If you want to be included in our "rinko" mailing list,
("rinko" is a Japanese which means "seminar" or something)
please send us an e-mail to


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             Log of the past seminars is here.

Tsubono-Group Members

Professor / Kimio Tsubono

Research Associate / Masaki ANDO

Visiting Researcher (in NASA) / Kenji NUMATA

Graduate Student
          D4 Takeshi TAKAKI
          D2 Koji ISHIDOSHIRO
          M2 Kakeru TAKAHASHI
          M2 Kouji ONOZATO
          M1 Wataru KOKUYAMA

You can see the photographs of the members, in THIS PAGE.


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