How to get to Tsubono Laboratory

1. From Narita airport to downtown Tokyo

The most convenient way to come to the downtown is railways. There are two lines from Narita airport, Keisei and JR. To get to the university, Keisei is faster and cheaper. Although you can take any Keisei train bound to "Keisei Ueno", "Sky Liner" is the most recommendable, as it makes just a few stops befor the terminal. Get off the train at the terminal, "Keisei Ueno" station.

Narita airport

Keisei (guide for "Sky Liner")

2. From Keisei Ueno to the university

The easiest way is just walking to the university. Get out of the station through "Shinobazu Exit", then cross a road and go into a park just in front of you. Keep going across a bridge seeing a temple in front. Then, pass beneath a low corridor (watch your head!) until you will bump into a boat house. Turn to right and follow a road. You will see a funnily shaped building (stacked triangles) across a wide road with four lanes. Cross the road and pass by the building into a back street. Turn to right and soon you will see a small gate of the university, just walk through it. Then, you will find a poorly paved uphill road which leads you to a roundabout for buses, and three buildings behind it. The laboratory is located in a new and tall building behind a lower old brickwork one on right side. Enter a door and come up to room #604A on 6th floor, or #B207 on the subbasement.



03-5841-4142 (meeting room)

03-5841-4143 (laboratory)